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Having a daily routine helps to foster a sense of security. In order to achieve this; we have loosely set times for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and morning registration. Daily adult-led activities, storytime and other activities happen at an appropriate time, ensuring that your child’s play and learning are not disrupted.

8 am Nursery opens


9:15 am Register Time

This is a time for children to greet each other and say, ‘good morning’. It is also a time to share our thoughts, feelings and talk about the day ahead with a little bit of learning. 

9.30-10 am Breakfast Time

Promoting self-care, hygiene, healthy foods and being independent.

12 pm Lunchtime

By lunchtime, we are all very hungry and can’t wait to eat our packed or school lunch. We wash our hands and go into the school hall; we can see our siblings and say hello!!

Between 2-3 pm Afternoon snack

During snack times we give children choices and encourage them to help themselves and pour their own drinks. This helps to develop children’s independence. In addition to our snack times, we have a snack table where children can independently have a snack and water throughout the day.

3:30 pm Getting ready to go home  

We all settle down and say ‘goodbye’ to our friends, ready to go home.


3.45-5.30 pm

Children who stay later will go outside, play games with an adult and can choose free play.

5.30 pm End of the Day

Learning and play during the day

Each day we have an adult-led activity

This is when a practitioner helps children to focus on an area of learning and may differentiate when needed to deliver learning that meets the needs of all children.

 During the Morning and Afternoon

Children have free-flow play between indoor and outdoor play areas.

Adult-led activities take place.

After Play

At flexible times of the day, we will come together for singing, sometimes we will look at books independently or read stories as a small group.


At an appropriate time in the day, the children will do their homework and show their friends what they found beginning with the letter sound.