Finch Lane, Lancashire, WN6 9DT


This is our 'Down in the Forest' area.

Any learning done indoors can be done outdoors too! This is our Forest Area that we access as often as possible, either spending a morning or a full day down there. The learning experiences are adapted to the outdoors, which allows us to be more active in a larger space and use resources in different ways to achieve our learning goals. Young children need to be active and on the go, and our Forest Area gives them the opportunity to do this in a wonderful and vibrant natural environment.

The children have Muddy Puddle overalls which go over their clothes to keep them dry and comfortable in wet and muddy weather.

We have snacks and drinks in our Forest Area as well as sometimes making a fire to keep us warm or cook food.

We look after our forest, planting new trees, maintaining the area, and keeping it safe and tidy for our next visit.

If you would like a tour of our forest, please watch the video below!