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GDPR and Facebook


Privacy settings of the Facebook Page and Internet Policy.

The contents of the closed Facebook group for ‘Little Acorns Nursery' can only be viewed by members of the group. The members are parents and carers of children who attend nursery. They must be invited by us to join the group and no pictures can be copied or pasted to any other page. Posts cannot be shared with anyone who is not in the group.

The member's page is regularly checked and parents of children who no longer attend are removed.

Our Internet is provided by school which goes through Lancashire County Council, websites that are not appropriate are blocked for access. This also applies to the iPads in Nursery and Sunrise that use the same internet. Only age-appropriate apps are installed by a member of staff and buying new apps or songs cannot be done without the account details.

Our website runs with Webanywhere the settings for the website prevent any images/text from being copied or pasted. All pictures or videos are posted with prior consent from the parents and no children are named or identified.


Karl Brannon - Data Controller

August 2023