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A very warm welcome to you and your family

We understand that finding childcare is a daunting task for any parent and we hope to put your mind at ease and help you make an informed decision. We have many years of experience delivering high-quality childcare and education and your child’s happiness and welfare is paramount to us.


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King Charles III Coronation

King Charles' Coronation celebration started early in Little Acorns.
You can see below, that Charles and Camilla came to Little Acorns to get crowned King and Queen.
The children had a wonderful time, they made their own crowns, their own picnic snack, and we also did something special in the forest!
To celebrate we planted an Oak tree down in the forest, so more 'Little Acorns' can grow!
The children helped to dig the hole and plant the tree.
When we went to visit later, there were lots of little Coronation Lion teddy gifts for the children. These are from us to help the children remember the special occasion.
We added a sign and a crown base for the tree.
We hope you all have a lovely Coronation weekend!

Sunrise and Sunset Holiday Club, providing childcare when school is out! It's an exciting place to be.                                                            Reviews:                          "Little Acorns, such a fabulous nursery. The staff are totally amazing. Highly recommend. My little boy loves it".                                                        "Little Acorns at All Saints, can't recommend them highly enough".                                              "Little Acorns at all saints absolutely brill x".                                        "Little Acorns all saints appley bridge absolutely fantastic".                                          "Little Acorns at All Saints School is a fab nursery".

                                    Little Acorns' birthday 

We recently celebrated 20 years of Little Acorns. Children and families came to celebrate the occasion with an afternoon tea party!

We are looking forward to another 20 years of fun and learning.

Thank you.


Little Acorns Nursery. We have places available for 2,3 and 4-year-olds at Little Acorns Nursery. 15 and 30 Hours free entitlement available with no extra costs. More info on our website or call us 01257 252647.



Why is independence important?

Independence is about learning to do things for oneself, which includes making decisions and taking on responsibility. These are hugely important skills for children to learn to cope with in adulthood.

Building confidence - We know that when independence grows, a child's confidence also grows. As they master new skills or take on some responsibility, they begin to see themselves as being capable. This gives them added confidence and makes them more likely to try out new things.

MArvin wanted more

This is our Marvin Wanted More wall display!
The children have enjoyed listening to the stories and helping to make it.
Our Marvin display will be up in Parbold Library for a little while so you will be able to go and see it in person!

The queens platinum jubilee

We planted a tree for the Queen's Canopy on the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

With a little help from some parents, we planted the tree in our Down in the Forest area and created a crown of seating around it.

We even got an official metal plaque to display with it.

We are very proud of our tree and look forward to seeing it grow!


The following link is a short video that shows the pronunciation of the 44 phonemes of the alphabet. This will help your child’s phonic and early reading development. Any questions please speak to Diane.


Just across the road from Little Acorns is a Baby and Toddler Playgroup called Little Saints.

Held at All Saint's Church, Finch Lane, Appley Bridge on Thursday mornings. Term time only, 9 am-11 am. £1 per family including tea and toast.

All welcome (Mums, Dads, Grandparents, childminders)

Please visit their Facebook page from the link below:

Little Saints - Baby and Toddler Group Facebook Page



Keep your eyes peeled for more news on 'Open Day - Down in the Forest'.


Please ensure you have a back-up for picking up your children if you are running late, also, calling us to let us know is always appreciated.

The new late fees will be calculated at £5 for every 5 minutes after your booked pick-up time.



Unfortunately, our e-mail address has been locked by Microsoft and shows no sign of being usable any time soon.

If you wish to contact us, we will be at